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About Us

Meet Jason!


My name is Jason Sailers

I am a licensed CHEK Practitioner, (Corrective Holistic Exercise & High-Performance Kinesiology). We are trained in assessment techniques to find muscle imbalances, postural misalignments, and biomechanical dysfunctions and then design exercise programs that include corrective exercise, corrective stretching, myofascial release, stability training, and holistic lifestyle coaching. All in hopes of helping the body return to homeostasis. The C.H.E.K program has trained me to assess an individual and then give the body what it needs to heal naturally. We are a system of systems, so reaching your health goals takes a holistic program with thoughtful design and coaching. This is what I can offer you. The result of helping someone improve is what truly inspires me!

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Meet Laureen!


Laureen Anderson

LMT# 006705

My Background -
Owner of Tiny Village Massage



I started my career after graduating from the Atlanta School of Massage in August of 2010.


Since then I have dedicated my massage practice to restoring the homeostatic relationship between our muscles and bones.

I use a combination of assisted stretching and joint decompression techniques to help stop various tension/ pain cycles you may be experiencing.  Our body is allowed to be picky, after all our daily lives and positions are interpreted as strange CrossFit, that our bodies are forced to endure.  My job is to ensure that your body is listened to, and released from those pesky pains. 

I guarantee that you will feel amazing after your session, deep tissue, or relaxation - I have your back! 

In addition to my private practice, in 2012, I was recruited by Erika Larson LMT & RT to join a budding field of research massage.  She is the lead research massage therapist in the partnership between Emory and the Atlanta School of Massage. We were drafted to design and write a study with Dr. Mark Rapport that would begin to shed a light on the emotional and chemical byproduct of massage with subjects who suffer from General Anxiety Disorder. hasThe study concluded in 2016. A synopsis of the study is below.  After the study concluded, I was inspired to learn more about the human body. I was able to achieve my additional coursework at Chamberlain College of Nursing.  After two years of Anatomy & Physiology, Applied Kinesiology,  Chemistry, Microbiology, and Pharmacology, I felt complete.  I ended my education and started to build my own practice!

Meet Elizabeth!

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Massage Therapist

Elizabeth is a graduate of Gwinett College in Sandy Springs. Her specialties include neuromuscular therapy (NMT), Swedish massage, myofascial release, and injury rehabilitation and recovery. She believes wholeheartedly in the ability of massage to enrich the lives of everyone. Every body is unique, that's why Elizabeth takes a collaborative approach in working with her clients. This starts with great communication. In developing strong relationships, she is able to partner with recipients to discover what each body needs and help them develop a closer relationship with their own anatomy.

With this perspective, she hopes to help everyone feel more at home in their own bodies. Along with her passion for body work, she enjoys practicing yoga. This compliments her approach to massage and gives her a deeper understanding of structural alignment.

Meet Bee!

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Brittney "Bee"

Massage Therapist

Bee Smith is a neuromuscular therapist with a passion for sports and rehabilitative massage styles. Having been in practice for 4 years, as a graduate of Gwinnett College, Bee looks to enhance and perfect her skills on a regular basis, passing on the most efficient and effective treatments to clients with the goal of providing increased flexibility, range of motion, and pain relief as necessary.

Her skills and specialties include:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy 

  • Restorative Muscle Techniques 

  • Proprioceptive Facilitation/Muscle Energy Technique 

  • Hydrotherapy 

  • Hot Stones 

  • Deep Tissue 

  • Sports Massage 

  • Headache Relief 

Meet Ryan!



Massage Therapist

Fun fact, I am a Registered Nurse, Health Coach, and Neuromuscular Massage with over 12 years of experience! My career has been oriented towards assisting clients to address specific concerns related to injury or muscular issues arising from various diseases and conditions. This includes sports injury, as well as assisting clients to enhance their performance through targeted work that is relevant to their fitness goals. Licensed By the Georgia Board of Nursing: #RN286504 Licensed By The Georgia Board of Massage Therapy: #MT006408

Meet Brittney!



Massage Therapist

Serving the field of massage therapy since 2010 as a graduate of the Atlanta School of Massage, Brittney has also participated as a Research Massage Therapist for Emory University in 2012 alongside Tiny House owner, Laureen. Although her style leans toward a more gentle approach, Brittney displays a mastery of various techniques mindfully crafted to address each client's individual needs. Her goal is to facilitate an experience of comfort and restoration utilizing techniques optimized for long-term stress reduction, injury prevention/recovery, managing chronic pain, and encouraging mind-body balance. Specializing in Myofascial Release, Brittney also offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Couples massage.

Meet Latisha!

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Massage Therapist

Fun fact, I used to be a Medical Assistant and a Phlebotomist  before I found my passion for massage. I graduated from the International School of Skin Nails and Massage Therapy in Atlanta Ga in 2016. I love Hot Stone Massage, Swedish, Prenatal, & Deep Tissue Massage. 

Ready to relax?

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