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Feeling a little lost in your practice?
Let our professional help you!

Free Yoga Class

  • This free class is designed to align your body, mind and spirit!

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Sign up for our free group yoga class at Tiny House Massage with Claire!  Only 15 slots are available, so click the link to grab your spot before they're gone.  Added dates may pop up to accommodate other schedules.  If you can't make Tuesday's class, email Laureen at, a second date and time may be worked out.


Massage: Don't want to roll the dice to see if you win? Book a massage session with Claire before by navigating to our "Book a Massage" tab. 


Parking & Check-in: Park in front of the Blake Ave Community Garden, and walk towards our Tiny House Logo located next to the creek.  There you will see a cafe-lit path leading you to our covered waiting area and Tiny House Studio with backyard Yoga Event Space.   You can pick your spot in the event space, or hang out in the covered waiting area with fans until it's class time.  Those who come a bit earlier can take a tour of the Tiny House Studio!  The group class will take place in our outdoor cafe lit event space.  Bring your favorite mat, water, and sunblock for an amazing session designed to help you decompress and heal.  

Discount Code Perks: Those who attend will receive a 20% special discount code to try the one-on-one yoga instruction and relaxation massage double treatment. 


Tipping: Gratuity will be appreciated!  If you wish to tip Claire, contactless tipping will be accepted after the session with Venmo. 

Location: 430 Blake Ave Se, Atl Ga, 30316


Time: Tuesday, August 17th at 6 pm.  Session length 45 minutes.   

Double Treatments Coming Soon! 

Essentially we're here to help you feel better now,

and we have a hunch that incredible changes can be made

with a back-to-back private yoga session and a massage! 

Our new backyard area is ready to host your healing,

and don't forget our Tiny House has a full shower and restroom. 

Perfect combination become refreshed, for the

deep tissue or relaxation CBD massage treatment!

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