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Laureen rocks!I went back to her about 3 weeks ago to help work out a rib injury. I strained/tore a bunch of muscles in my chest wall. After being in pain for nearly 5 weeks, I figured a massage couldn't make me hurt any more than I already did. I explained the problem and she spent pretty much the entire hour working out my entire left side. I had problems from muscles in my hips all the way up under my diaphragm and she took care of it ALL. She also explained how I could work it out if I needed to. She also made recommendations for stretches and things I could do to keep the muscles loose. I walked out of there pain free for the first time in weeks. I caught a cold and ended up aggravating the injury again because of coughing. I'm going back to see Laureen on Sunday to help work things out again. I'll never see anyone else for a massage again.

—  Emily. K Yelp Review

Best massage of my life! And I've gotten them all over the world. Laureen was incredible... Amazing!!


— Lobe. J Yelp Review

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